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My name is Dr. Marie Paas and I live and practice in the beautiful state of Alabama. My office is located in my home in Sylacauga, but I work online as well. My focus is on wellness, not sickness, and I will do my best to help you become and stay well. Chiropractic’s approach is non-invasive, drug-free, and natural. It’s goal is to set the power free that allows it to heal itself.

Orthopedic Care

We can help your bones strong as well as keep the pain away.

Brain Care

We can make sure that your have the right treatment for any brain related issues.

Spine Care

We can help you realign your spine. Just contact us and we will take care.

The best care is on your side

Innovative Equipment

We have some of the most innovative equipments which allows you to ensure that you are moving the right muscle for full effect.

Personal Treatment

We can help ensure that you get full attention and we will make personal treatment happen for you.

Focused Care

We want to ensure that the treatment you are receiving are the best and we want to focus on your problem areas to ensure full treatment.

Surgical Implants

We can make ensure that even after your surgery your implants work well.

Clients share their experience

I have noticed chronic pain after my knee surgery. I talked to Dr Marie pass about this condition and she asked me for an appointment, I could see changes from the first treatment itself. I am much more happier and pain free.
Wendy Z. Bauman
I have a 9 to 5 job and like most individual suffer from lower back pain. Dr Marie Pass helped me through the pain and lead a pain free life.
Ralph L. Thomas
I am a sportsman and It is common to see injuries which are relating to sports. Dr Marie Pass was recommended to me by my fellow sports person. Thank god he did, I actually saw some improvements in my game without any pain.
Robert M. Fontenot

Latest Updates

How To Choose The Best Espresso Machine For Beginners

For a coffee lover, having the morning cup of joe can be the most luxurious experience. It can give you something hat every coffee lover likes. It can give you the convenience of making a blend of coffee with just a push of a button. But, before you buy these espresso machines there are certain things that you want in your espresso machine that can allow you to select the right machine for you.

Machine types

There are two basic types of machines super automatic and semi automatic. A super automatic machine des all the work for you just like an on demand barista. A semi automatic requires you to have certain skills where you have to work to ensure that everything works the best. There are a wide range of possibilities with both the machines with the best possible coffee blend which can make your mornings the best. Many super automatic blenders have a built in grinder which can help you grind your coffee bean and make your coffee all at the same time. No matter what your preference having a coffee maker is a must for a coffee lover which can allow the you make the best blend ever. If you are looking for the best espresso machine check out this link https://coffeelovers.reviews/best-espresso-machine.

Exploring super automatic machines

Exploring super automatic machines

A super automatic machines allows you to work in a quick motion without any skill. It has a built in grinder which grinds the beans and performs all the barista functions for you. It is a one touch machine which can easily give you the ability to make any milk based beverages from latte, cappuccino, flat whites and more. The manual process that is involved does not require much skill. If you want to learn more about super automatic machines visit this page to learn more about the manual process.

Explore Semi-Automatic

Semi Automatic machines have a wide range of options available which anyone can start at any time. Although it requires you to have some learning curve. In semi automatic machines the whole game is to control variables like the grind size, coffee dose and brewing temperature. According to coffeelovers.reviews, it is  one appliance that requires thermal blockers with boiler heating waters for the water to brew. You will have to everything from steaming the milk, frothing it. It is an entry level appliance which can be cheap. If you are interested in making your own coffee every morning having a semi automatic machine allows you to have much more control over the coffee you are making.

5 Things We Can Do To Help Stop Suicide

Suicide is among the leading causes of death across the globe. We all experience overwhelming pain and painful situations at some point in life. Some people cope easily while others feel suicidal but fail to take their lives. Others see ending their breath as the only solution to doing away with the situation they are experiencing. These people often feel hopeless and believe nobody can offer help or comprehend what they are experiencing. Fortunately, suicide is preventable but only if we understand what to do. Here are some ways to stop suicide.

1. Do away with Stigma and talk about suicide

If we have to prevent suicide, then we need to talk about it. It is here with us, taking away those we loved merely because they are ashamed to talk about it. Nobody whois struggling with suicidal thoughts or other mental health conditions should feel silenced or shamed. How then do we stop suicide if we are ashamed of suicide itself and those suffering from suicidal tendencies?

Many times, many people fear to talk about suicide, which deters the efforts to prevent suicide. We need to talk about suicide, enlighten others and open up for communications to those struggling with suicidal thoughts. Let us speak and inform ourselves about the warning signs, and where to find professional help. This way we empower ourselves to deal with suicide. When we eliminate stigma, we create a conducive environment for people to seek help and support.

2. Understand the warning signs and take them seriously

It is impossible to prevent an occurrence when you cannot foretell its coming. If we are to prevent suicide, then we ought to recognize the warning signs. People who are at risk of taking their lives often exhibit the following signs.

Listen to verbal warnings in their conversation; for example,

A lack a reason to continue leaving
Despondency or hopelessness or self-worthlessness
Feeling trapped
They may feel they are a burden to others
Suicidal thoughts, plans or attempts.

Behavioral changes

Self-hatred and self-destructive behavior
Social withdrawal
Increased use of drugs and alcohol
Researching for ways to end their own lives including online searches
Sleeping too little or too much
Reaching out to people to say goodbye

Mood changes

Lack of interest or withdrawal from activities they love – a feeling of nothing matters. They may give up on themselves
Rage and irritability
Anxiety, agitation

This is not obvious. However, if the person’s mood suddenly changes to a sense of calm and happiness after a prolonged period of depression, it may indicate that the individual has made up his or her mind to commit suicide.

3. Reach out and Listen

If you identify a suicidal person (showing signs of suicide), you need to identify ways to reach out and let the individual know you care. Ask the person if they are thinking about suicide. Assure the person that you are open to listen and speak about suicide in an open, non-judgmental and supportive manner. The aim is to break the ice for the person open up to share about his or her emotions and pain. This way you can identify the next appropriate step to help him or her. Learning the QPR steps is essential if we wish to prevent suicide. The QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer) is a popular method allows us to identify the indicators of suicide, how to offer help and seek help to stop suicide. Seniors have a high rate of suicidal thoughts, teach the best exercises for seniors over 70 to help them increase dopamine levels.

4. Know where to find help

If we are to prevent suicide, we need to know where to find help. We must be enlightened about the local and national resources that provide prevention, education, and support for mental health. Know where to find a mental health care expert within your area of residence. Know the contacts to call when you need help with suicide prevention or an emergency.

5. Set up a safety plan

It is possible to set up a safety plan early for dealing with suicide attempts or indicators that a colleague is planning to take their own life. A safety plan often entails a support team that will respond appropriately when required and check in on the person now and then. You can find a Suicide prevention plan online on the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website. The plan includes a team of people that will monitor the suicidal person and the essential contacts for the person to call when the suicidal urges arise. Encourage the person to talk to a therapist so that the expert can help develop a support system such as friends and family.

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